Sodium is a big NO NO!

Yesterday I was eating this soup that comes in a pack. Bought it from a superstore. It was the “Knowrs chicken garlic soup”. As you might know that I am on a strict diet now a days. Just trying to loose that last 10 pounds that I so desperately want to loose.

The diet was the reason I was trying this soup. I was really impressed by the amount of calories it had and the volumne it contained when I finally prepared it. I was having the soup for the past couple of weeks as my dinner. I ate nothing with it or after it.

To be honest, it did feel good, taste good and I was pretty confident that I finally got myself a food that I could eat at night and get satiated rather than picking up 3 or 4 late night snacks everyday.

As usual, I was preparing this LOW CALORIE AND HIGH NUTRITION soup. I use the word PREPARING but in fact all I had to do was put all the contents of the pack into a bowl, put some hot water, stir and add an egg into it to have my soup ready.

On a random thought, I thought I might as well look at the label which stated the nutrients that the soup contained (or at least what they are telling me it contains) and I noted that it contained sodium which amounted to 525 mg, in one serving and had 45 calories.

I was taking, on average, five servings (according to what the pack said) so that means I was taking about 220 calories in my dinner. That is quite  low and I was happy that such low amount of calories could fill me up so much.

It was not until,I read yesterday that the government has set the limit of sodium intake to around 1500-2000 mg a day. I thought I was pretty safe. That soup only had 525 mg per serving but that is exactly where I was wrong. The soup did contain 525 mg of sodium.

But that was for one serving. I was having 5. I went like, bonkers. I was thinking to myself, what had I done. Taking in so much sodium at one sitting. I was not even counting the sodium that I ate from other foods that I ate earlier in the day (breakfast and lunch) and this soup alone poured into me a grand total of 2500 mg of sodium per day.

I looked up the harmful affects of taking high amounts of sodium and guess what. Sodium is super bad in amounts greater than what is recommended my most cardiologists and government people.

Over dosage of sodium damages your body’s ability to loose weight. There is more water retention in your body as a result of having more salt in your body which gives your high blood pressure and can lead to heart attacks.

This is why I keep on stressing on the fact that these so called BIG BRANDS do fool you with their low calories stuff. Almost everything I found to be labelled low calorie had more sodium in it. I have not studied the connection between low calories and sodium but you can bet I am willing to find out.

It may be that there isn’t any real connection at all, but I just want to find out, even if there isn’t any. Always, read the label carefully before you buy and more importantly eat these low calorie foods. Sodium is not good for your body (in amounts greater than recommended).

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