Weight loss Solution 5- Eat your Proteins

Fortunately, today’s post involves eating contrary to many of my previous posts which basically focused on how NOT to eat. The key to any of many successful weight loss solutions is not to get hungry. If you get hungry, you are for sure to binge and waste all your hard work. For those of you who do not what binging is. Well, I like to make things simple because that is how true understanding develops. So in its simplest, binging is uncontrolled eating. You eat without chewing, you eat really fast and you lost track of how much you have eaten. That is binging and is a disaster for dieters.

For the most part, a calorie is a calorie and the only way to loose weight to eat less of them but there are certain foods that make you feel full for longer and satisfy your hunger more thoroughly. These are foods which are rich in proteins. Scientists have known this fact (that proteins make you feel less hungry for longer than other foods) for quite a while but did not know the reason.

Naturally, now they do. It goes like this. Everything you eat goes into your stomach (quite obvious) and release a hormone called PYY. PYY gets into the bloodstream from there and sends signals to the brain that the stomach is full so stop eating or to say it another way, sends a signal of no hunger. Proteins have been shown to produce this hormone in the greatest quantity and thus help in staving off those hunger pangs.

There many many researches that have shown that proteins indeed help you feel less hungry and thus help you in your diet. One that I read a couple of days back said that if you eat an egg in your breakfast you are likely to eat 150 calories less than someone who did not have that extra protein in their breakfast. Though egg has some extra cholesterol but you could get some extra protein through lean meat or beans too.

Proteins actually turn off your URGE to eat. You eat proteins and several hours later you would not want to eat a chocolate bar or something high in calories. So basically, proteins are the holy grail for dieters keeping you feeling satisfied for longer than any other food type. But remember, you still need to count your calories even if you are eating more protein.

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