Some Healthy weight loss solutions

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Everyone knows the basic rules of loosing weight. Apparently ( I have said this a thousand times) you just have to eat less and exercise more. How much less and how much more? No one is going to tell you that. No one can tell you that. Only you know and only you, can decide.

Of course you should eat healthy and eat smart but after a full day of work at office, who comes home and enthusiastically looks forward to eating some boiled vegetables with low fat yogurt.

If you are one those people (probably you are) and want to loose weight in a healthy manner, then you have got some bad news because there is not a single weight loss solution amongst thousands of weight loss solutions that can guarantee you significant weight loss in a week or even in a month.

Luckily, you can follow these healthy weight loss solutions to boost your chances of loosing weight without making too many sacrifices. They are free and can be acted upon immediately.

First and foremost (and I made a post about this earlier too), whenever you are on a diet. Make sure you drink lots of water. Lots of filtered water.

Water is essential for weight loss as it gets the toxins (released from your fat reserves) to get out of your system thus cleansing your body too in the process.

Although research has shown that the body has different mechanism’s for knowing whether it is hungry or whether it is thirsty, popular belief is that people often eat, mistakenly, when they are actually thirsty.

This is certainly true in my case. I have also met with a lot of people who do find it hard to know if they are hungry or thirsty.

Sometimes they eat and then find out that they were not actually hungry, they just needed some liquid.

So I say, always have plenty of water with you and before eating just drink a glass of water (hot or cold, though Chinese people prefer hot water as it keeps your stomach glued to your back, well not literally but you get the idea) to know if you are really hungry.

I don’t really like the idea of advising people to put some lemons in water and make something of a lemon juice something. I think, pure water is better. Lemon just adds extra calories (though not many, but a calorie is a calorie) and who knows, it might tempt you to add sugar and salt for that extra flavor.

Added sugar, as a rule of thumb, is bad for your health. Remember that.

Remember. Going on a Diet does not necessarily mean that you have to cut down food intake

Think about the ways you can improve your diet and slowly work up your way to a more stricter diet. Think about how you can reduce your fat intake. Reduce, not totally eliminate. You need everything to eat but in small amounts.

Do not skip meals as that could lead to extreme hunger and then you are likely to binge.

Always have a high fiber diet when you are trying to loose weight quickly. Fiber is your man when you want to fight hunger. It also regulates your bowls. There are many other benefits but I will reserve those for another post.

Add more and more vegetables in your diet. They are high in fiber. High in nutrition and low in calories. They can help you prevent many diseases. Try to mix them up in your regular meals. Do not take them as a side dish as you are likely to eat more than before if you do so.

Try to mix vegetables with your soups, rice or any other dish. Don’t over cook them. The more raw form you eat, the better it is for your health. Try to eat green leafy vegetables. Eat them as much as you want. Beware though, legumes do not come under the category of  EAT WITHOUT GIVING A THOUGHT.

Leafy green vegetables do come under the category of EAT WITHOUT GIVING A THOUGHT.

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