Sports for simple weight loss solution


Let us just admit one fact first ,that is, exercising (in the formal way or in the traditional sense) is just not that much fun to do every single day of your life. If you do not admit that, then I guess this post is not for you. I for one, do admit that exercising like running 20 minutes a day, is a little less than miracle for me.

I cannot really say I enjoy itbut I do it because it helps me stay fit.

Simple weight loss solution for those who have the time (supposedly) but do not have the motivation to just jog or walk or even run like a robot for a specified period of time, playing sports is THE simple weight loss solution you are looking for.

But not every sport can get you closer to your weight loss goal and neither can it be qualified as a simple weight loss solution. Sure as heck, I can tell you to play rugby 2 hours a day and you ll get fit but that is not a simple weight loss solution for the obvious reasons, a lot of injuries is just one amongst many.

So which sports qualify as simple weight loss solutions but yet effective weight loss solutions. Well, let me first tell you which ones do not qualify  for simple weight loss solutions:

  • Tennis: Sure it can be pretty demanding physically but for simple weight loss solution you have to do aerobic exercise (in which your body takes in a lot of oxygen and burns fat) instead of anerobic one (in which the body is pressured so much that it burns carbohydrates rather than fat from your body). Tennis is basically a stop and start game with a lot of resting periods in between and that is not ideal for simple weight loss solution. Tick Tennis out of your sports for simple weight loss solution.
  • Cricket: Does not qualify as simple weight loss solution sports. You just keep standing most of the time out in the sun and get to bowl a few bowls every ten minutes or so. Batting is even easier, though cricket does develop your mental abilities, a lot.
  • Golf: I mean, come on. Is it even a sport? Let alone a weight loss solution? or let even more alone, a SIMPLE weight loss solution. It is definitely off

Sports which do help you loose weight in a simple way are :

  • Soccer (football, whatever): Is probably the best sport for simple weight loss solution. You either have to run for the duration of the whole match (90 minutes infact) or you have to jog slowly, incase you are back tracking for the ball trying to help defend your goal or moving forward to score some as well (hopefully). You run for longer periods and thus you burn a lot of calories. Simple enough? You play soccer, you loose weight, that sounds like a simple weight loss solution to me.
  • Basketball: Man is this sport hot or what. Definitely amongst the best sports for simple weight loss solution. You jump, you slide, you push and you move side to side, running forward and moving backward. It is the total body workout, basketball’s technique is a bit difficult compared to football’s where even if you have never played football before, you can just run yourself to the ground for the entire match and you would have done a fantastic job. That, is hardcore simple weight loss solution.

I have listed just two of the sports for simple weight loss solution but obviously there would be many more. My choice was these because these are pretty common games, you do not really need any expensive gear or a place to play these two games and neither are specifically difficult to start.

One game I left out intentinally was squash, it could qualify as a simple weight loss solution but you have to have a court for that, a racket for that, a partner for that, a ball for that. A lot of things, plus, it is not that common.

So there you go, some extremely effective yet simple weight loss solutions. Enjoy you weight loss process instead of seeing it as a torture for every day of your life, for 20 minutes or so.

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