Two things to avoid while loosing weight

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A lot of people simply cannot avoid alcohol and it is true that there are diets that do allow you to have some wine in your diet and still promise you to loose weight. In fact, there has been some research done in this area and scientists now believe that having some wine MAY (important word is, may) help you to stay healthy.

But lets not just kid ourselves. To loose weight fast and develop a effective weight loss solution, you are going to have to give up alcohol. Completely. Just for a few months and then you can add little by little some alcohol into your diet.

Or, what you can do is to look for alternatives. You could first of all, try to lessen the amount little by little. Then switch to juices, fresh juices (though they are high in sugar too) and then water.

I cannot even begin to tell you the benefits of drinking water. Alcohol has a lot of calories in it. Empty calories that is and remember a previous rule about weight loss?

DO NOT DRINK YOUR CALORIES. It gives you less satisfaction. In fact, for most people, drinking calories do not count. They just drink whatever they like thinking that it does not add up and somehow, only the solid foods add to their daily calorie intake.

Which we, by now, should know does not make any sense. Calorie is a calorie in most cases. Alcohol is not beneficial to health even so it does not even make sense that you are trying to loose weight and trying to improve your health and yet you do not want to consider the solution of leaving alcohol for a few months.

There is a solution to this problem. Read about it. Read about the bad effects alcohol has on your body. Read about how it can damage your lungs and basically your whole system. How it saps your energy and makes your worthless.

Alcohol in very little amounts and that too not regularly, does not cause any significant problems but in large amounts, it is deadly therefore, the best solution is to try to avoid it and if you cannot do that then at least try to limit its use.

Try giving it a go to Seafood.

I know I have repeatedly thrown this solution at you but seriously, seafood is so beneficial. You will just have to try it in order to feel and actually notice it’s good benefits.

Especially during the summers, you need to eat light and stay cool. You do not want your body to come under unnecessary pressure because of you putting to much high calorie food in it.

Avoid meat if you can, or better, limit its intake to once or twice a month and then go for fish and other seafood. They are light, keep you full and are a good source of protein.

Most of all, they are all good for your health and actually help you to loose weight because their fat content is low.

There are many types of weight loss solutions which suggest that the more you include fish and seafood in your diet, the more you increase your chances of developing a cardiovascular disease which are so common these days.

And it goes without saying that you should avoid fried food, even fried fish. No extra calories in the form of extra oil and stuff.