Bean The Superfood

If you thought you could not replace meat with anything, then you thought wrong. Beans are the perfect substitute and not only are they a wonderful substitute, they overtake meat in many ways that people do not know of.

Beans can go toe to toe with meat when it comes to having the necessary amount of calories. However, unlike meat, Beans are high in fiber and water content. What does that mean?

That means that after eating beans you will feel fuller a lot faster than you would do after eating, lets say, a big Mac. That also means that if you can only bring beans to you diet plans then you can cut calories without even getting the feeling of being deprived.

Why is it better than meat? It is because half a cup of beans contains half the amount of fiber which we require each day. Compare that to meat, which has absolutely no fiber at all.

This difference is a very important one. This means that the meat that you eat gets digested fairly quickly. While beans take a long time to be digested in your body and hence you do not feel hungry. They are also low in sugar which prevents the spiking of insulin in the bloodstream which causes hunger.

Beans are also low in saturated fat. That is one huge advantage over meat that beans have. A research has shown that people who ate beans weighted 7 pounds less than people who did not take beans despite the fact that people who ate beans, ate 199 more calories (and 335 more calories in teenagers) than the ones who did not eat beans.

Still not enough? Well, there is one thing beans have and meat does not have and that is phytochemicals. Beans have a specific class of phytochemicals which are antioxidants. These protect your body from the cell damaging free radicals inside the body. We know how dangerous free radicals are in your body right? They cause cancer and loads of other bad things like,aging and  neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

So in short, beans are the perfect food. They have protein, fiber, water, antioxidant properties and some calories.