Benefits of Exercising

Well first and foremost, exercise helps you get stronger and lose weight but there are many other benefits of exercising which can help you lose weight in a lot of ways that you would normally not think of.

Regular exercise wards off many diseases. It increases the blood flow in your body so that you will not pain when doing your normal house chores. That is also the reason why you feel so great after you exercise. It is because the flood is flowing like a river in your body when you exercise.

Exercise strengthens the muscles of the heart. It also lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. It also lowers blood pressure. How much more do you want to hear about exercise before you actually start doing it.

It also enables your heart to work more efficiently and hence you would be able to do more (in any field of life) with much less effort.

Research has proven that the quantity of exercise that you get is more important then the intensity of exercise that you get. In other words, get off your butt and start moving. Research has also proven that any kind of exercise is beneficial as long as you do not have some specific medical condition.

In other words, it does not matter what you have as your exercise. You just need to exercise. Period. Any amount of exercise will do. Something is better than nothing, remember that. So although more exercise it better, but you do not need to run 20 minutes everyday in order to see the benefits.

Just start small and build up. That is the rule to which there is very little exception. In fact if you want to lose weight in forever than the only way to do that is to start small and build up from there, there is no exception to this rule if you want to stay fit for the rest of you life.

Why little weight training is so important

Weights are your friends when you want to loose weight

Researches have proved that Weight training is super important

To lose weight and then keep off that lost weight you need to do 2 things. Eat less and exercise more. That is about the thousandth time I have repeated that. Obviously, now it should be burned into the memory of your mind that these are the two golden rules of weight loss solutions.

If you ever get confused by all the media hypes about certain stupid way of loosing weight (like getting some insects planted into your stomach to eat up your fat, which is I feel a bit of nonsense) then remind yourself about these two golden rules and remind yourself that you only need to stick to these two in order to successfully lose weight and enjoy your life in whichever way suits you.

In order to keep on loosing weight (assuming your on a weight loss solution) and enjoying the process, you must exercise. Exercise not only boosts your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns fat) but also gives you abundance of energy. It gives your body strength and after a hard workout, your self esteem would get a major boost.

You would be less likely to eat crap food if you workout regularly as you would always think to yourself about the long hours you put in to exercise and the immense benefits it gives you, is just not worth wasting away by eating fast food or some homemade apple pies.

Now, I think we all know that aerobic exercise is for weight loss. Stretching is also for weight loss but I find aerobics (like walking and jogging) to be the most effective but there are some certain benefits that only weight training can give you. Training with weights makes you lose fat and maintains your muscle. Your body works with muscle. Muscles are fat burning furnaces. If you have a lot of muscle you would burn a lot calories just by sitting and watching TV.

Weight training strengthens the bones and releases stress. Most of all, when you are on a diet and you do weight training, almost all the weight that you would lose would be fat. Your belly and lower back will get tighter and you would look slimmer and smarter. You would no longer blot up x times after eating foods and if you have a good muscle mass on your body then you would not have to reduce your food intake so drastically while your trying to lose weight.

Of course, weight training would make you better at any physical chore or sports. So seek advice from your doctor of the benefits of weight training and how to start it (if you are a beginner) in order to integrate weight training into your exercise schedule.