Food Item 6 For Weight Loss

Some Mustard

Mustard(the yellow paste in the picture) is calorie free

Well. What can you say about this “sauce”. Despite ranking way way above ketchup, mayonnaise and Barbeque’s sauce for weight loss, it is still very much underused.

This condiment contains “isothiocynates”, which dilates blood vessels and that in turn increases levels of fat-burning hormone “ephedrine”. That consequently increases your metabolism which helps you to burn off even more fat. Hence you lose weight.

It also has the property of being anti inflammatory and that enables it to push things like unhealthy fats, sugar and corn syrup away.

You can pretty much use it with any food since it is mostly calorie free. I use it a lot with my sandwiches and steaks. You have to be a little bit careful about using Mustard, since it has a very strong taste, it should not be used in large amounts. Also, it has sodium in slightly high amounts than what we usually require, so we have to take that into consideration as well.