Processed Food – How not to get fat

Fatty foods not ideal for weight loss

Do they look healthy? I am not saying anything

Weight loss solution for today will focus on how and what you can or should do in order to not to get fat. In other words, stay slim and look good in whatever outfits you wear.

I try to focus on a very few things in each post so that you guys can understand it better and are able to integrate the advice given in your lives more easily otherwise I could also write 2000 word posts with the title “%0 weight loss tips”. Yeah that would do great for giving loads of advice but unfortunately for the people who would read it, it would most probably be nothing more than a good 20 minute read or something.

So weight loss tip for today is, to not to get fat, all you have to do is not to eat processed food. Just that. No calorie counting, no nothing of that sort. Yeah, I know it is becoming increasingly difficult to find foods that are not processed but it is the price you will have to pay if you want to get lean, stay lean and look lean.

Processed food are bad for you health in so many ways other than the amount of calories that these food items have. The treatments they get through are indescribable and I do not think anyone would eat from Fast Food Chains ever if they let you have a glimpse of what they make their food items from and how they make them.

Let us just say that the processes are hideous. Nothing like the nice clean and expensive furniture these multimillion companies have at their outlets.

Natural foods have this certain quality that you cannot over ate them too much. At least that is what I have experienced and I think you would also experience the same. Now the problems comes about recognizing what is natural and what is processed. Well for that you are going to have to read something about foods and its related terms and you will also have to ask a lot of people about more information on food products on the grocery shop that you go to. They will certainly help you a lot in your weight loss efforts.

Processed food are mostly designed in a way to make you feel hungry after a short while and they also make you an addict. Natural foods though are more expensive, make up for their cost in terms of the health they give to your body. So try and introduce natural foods. It doesn’t matter at this stage what they are. Just replace all the junk food you eat or all the frozen fruit yogurts you eat with fresh milk or fruits.

Also, remember that white bread is not natural. Neither are white rice and neither is extra virgin olive oil. I just named you 3 most common ingredients in our diets today that we should definitely think about replacing, preferably with wholegrain bread, no rice and coconut oil (or Ghee) which are better for your health. In the next posts I will try to support the choices that I have listed here with some new research that has been conducted recently.