Another Magic Weight Loss Food

According to many new researches done throughout the world it has been observed that pineapple (its stem and its juice) has bromelian which helps in the breakdown of proteins in your body and hence it increases your metabolism.

It also has lots of fiber which we all know (hopefully) makes you feel full for longer. This effect helps you to avoid sudden weight gains and basically protects your stomach area.

Reports also tell us that it contains lots of vitamin C. Which helps in fat metabolism. That could actually mean, fat loss. Which is the ultimate form of weight loss.

They can be used as an alternative to your sweets. They fulfill your cravings for sugar and most of all, they are low in calories. You can also use them in your chicken sandwiches as slices. Hence they can easily save you about 400 calories a day if you are a person who likes to have sweets after every meal.

Most of all, they are healthy and will help to increase your energy levels.