Beware of these beasts. A single one of these can absolutely ruin your diet and all your weight loss efforts not just because they contain lots of calories and are not fulfilling at all but because these round balls of bread and butter are loaded with empty calories. Lots of sugar and some chocolate too (which also sugar).

A 4 inch diameter doughnut contains about 300 calories. Now you might say that these are a reasonable number of calories and you might even think that one doughnut in breakfast or at lunch would not do much harm to your health and your weight loss efforts but the fact is that a single doughnut can absolutely destroy your diet.

Nothing good can be expected of these items (I am refraining from calling doughnuts as food items) as all they give you is a high dose of sugar and some fat. Bad fat. Massive amount of sugar and useless carbohydrates.

But guess what, that is not the worst part. The worst part is that when you have 1 on them, I can assure you that 90 percent of the time you are going to end up eating about 5 or 6 of them in a single sitting. They do not fill you up and hence, all you manage to achieve after having a couple of doughnuts is to increase your insulin level which eventually falls down as the day progresses and that leaves you craving for more food.

All of you can easily satisfy your sugar teeth by eating lots of fruits and do not forget to eat vegetables which would fill you up for a fraction of calories that are contained in one doughnut and I am talking about plain doughnuts, I do not even want to begin to talk about the bad effects other types of doughnuts bring with them.

So the point of this short post is that, if you want to lose weight or stay at your current weight while improving your health then fill yourself up with good natural food rather than eating junk food because junk food will destroy your body whether you eat them in a low quantity or in excess quantity.