Another food which can be your very own weight loss solution is vinegar. What it does is, it slows down the rate at which your stomach empties itself hence you feel full for longer. Because of this effect, it controls the rise in blood sugar levels and insulin after your meals.

Combine all of these effects and you get a perfect recipe for reducing your appetite. Not only that, it can also help your body NOT to store fat. According to some new research it has been observed that vinegar triggers on some sort of genes that produces proteins which break down fats in your body.

You must have vinegar in tablespoon quantities, not like “drink a glass of vinegar”. You can use it to tenderize your meat or use it while cooking rice to make them less sticky while serving.

You should take vinegar on this fact alone that it reduces your food consumption. Vinegar has got a ton of variety. 21 of them you can find on Wikipedia but there are more.