Food 5 For Weight Loss

Excellent weight loss food cinnamon


Cinnamon is a wonder food. It not only reduces your (in a significant way) blood glucose levels but also gets rid of bad cholesterol in your body. If you thought that, this is all that this wonder food does then think again.

This wonder weight loss food helps your body to metabolize sugar more efficiently. It has vast amounts of iron and manganese. Both of which form a balance diet.

Ok, so the way you use it is, you sprinkle it on sliced apples, oatmeal and other stuff you like to have sugar with. It is a natural way to get rid of all that artificial sugar. You could also use it in your tea instead of sugar.

How to stay Energized

Small frequent meals is the name of the game

Fresh, frequent and small meals. That is what you want.

If you want to know how to stay energized throughout your whole day without drinking water every 35 seconds then you have come to the right place (or the right post). I mean, we all want more energy so that we can achieve and produce more in the same amount of time.

Weight loss solutions is not all about just loosing weight. Why are you loosing weight in the first place? For many it may be because they want to look good, for some it is because of health reasons and for some it is because they want to achieve more in their work and that is why they want to be more fit then they have been before so that they have the energy to carry out the plans that they make every single day of their lives.

Many people just make plans and never get the energy to carry out those plans and that is why I am stressing on this point. Have loads of energy is really one of the most fundamental goals of loosing weight. It is not about looking good like Brad pitt or being healthy like Jeff Bridges( What…..he is really healthy for his age, come on).

Anyway, here are my top 2 ways of staying energized throughout your day so that you can enjoy every day of your life to the fullest.

  1. Eat small meals. Seriously. Eat small meals and eat them frequently. About 6 times a day. That will put your body in express mode. Your metabolism will increase and you will be able to breeze through your day without breaking  sweat. Small meals put less pressure on your digestive system and hence on your body and because of that, your body can actually benefit from the food that you eat. If you eat 1 or 2 big meals then that will make so sluggish as your body will be busy digesting the infinite amount of food you just ate in your only meal of the day. Trust me on this. Try this for yourself. Small frequent meals will not only increase your energy but will also help you to lose weight. Look and feel good.
  2. Take naps 1 or 2 times a day, of 15 minutes each. Whenever you get that sleepy feeling in the early afternoon do not go for an hour’s sleep or even more. Just take a nap of 10 to 15 minutes and you will wake up with your batteries charged (most of the times) which will again enable you to crush your day instead of barely surviving it.

Implement these and let me know how you felt. I am sure that these tips will help you to lose weight and in the process increase your productivity as well.

2 Easy ways to keep fit in University

This one measures weight, really it does

Costs around 60 cents just to weigh on that thing

In the fast life that we live (or try to live) these days, who in good world has the time to workout let alone take a walk round the corner. That is certainly the case when you are studying at university. There is just no time and even if you do have time then the other thing you run out of is energy.

You have to have time and energy to get any work done and believe me, there is a lot of work to be done when you are at university. I have to keep fit or at least not gain weight and that is why I have been able to come up with some pretty neat tricks in order to keep myself fit while studying hard for that calculus class as well.

Here are the two ways you can lose weight(ideally). These are  solutions that would be useful for anyone but nevertheless, are specifically aimed for people who want to maintain(or loose) weight while they have got not a lot of time in their hands (and let us be honest, who has these days, forget the students section).

  1. Put your laptop and notebooks on a raised platform in your room, ideally in a position where you can work and study while standing. What I did was that I placed my side table on the top of my studying table and then put my laptop on top of that and hence created a standing workstation if you know what I mean. That allowed to be work more efficiently as I did not want to stand long without doing anything. That obviously burns more calories that sitting around all day doing nothing. Just be sure that you do not have any joint problems before making this transformation.
  2. Try to leave for your class 5 or 3 minutes before rather than 10 or 15 minutes before. Obviously, you would walk much faster if you knew you have less time to get to class and that will burn more calories than you strolling along with your friend to a class which starts in about half an hour.

Check these out and let me know whether they worked for you or not. I am always interested in listening to other people suggestions about the ways people can loseweight and keep that weight off and for that, we need weight loss solutions, lots of weight loss solutions.


Beware of these beasts. A single one of these can absolutely ruin your diet and all your weight loss efforts not just because they contain lots of calories and are not fulfilling at all but because these round balls of bread and butter are loaded with empty calories. Lots of sugar and some chocolate too (which also sugar).

A 4 inch diameter doughnut contains about 300 calories. Now you might say that these are a reasonable number of calories and you might even think that one doughnut in breakfast or at lunch would not do much harm to your health and your weight loss efforts but the fact is that a single doughnut can absolutely destroy your diet.

Nothing good can be expected of these items (I am refraining from calling doughnuts as food items) as all they give you is a high dose of sugar and some fat. Bad fat. Massive amount of sugar and useless carbohydrates.

But guess what, that is not the worst part. The worst part is that when you have 1 on them, I can assure you that 90 percent of the time you are going to end up eating about 5 or 6 of them in a single sitting. They do not fill you up and hence, all you manage to achieve after having a couple of doughnuts is to increase your insulin level which eventually falls down as the day progresses and that leaves you craving for more food.

All of you can easily satisfy your sugar teeth by eating lots of fruits and do not forget to eat vegetables which would fill you up for a fraction of calories that are contained in one doughnut and I am talking about plain doughnuts, I do not even want to begin to talk about the bad effects other types of doughnuts bring with them.

So the point of this short post is that, if you want to lose weight or stay at your current weight while improving your health then fill yourself up with good natural food rather than eating junk food because junk food will destroy your body whether you eat them in a low quantity or in excess quantity.

Processed Food – How not to get fat

Fatty foods not ideal for weight loss

Do they look healthy? I am not saying anything

Weight loss solution for today will focus on how and what you can or should do in order to not to get fat. In other words, stay slim and look good in whatever outfits you wear.

I try to focus on a very few things in each post so that you guys can understand it better and are able to integrate the advice given in your lives more easily otherwise I could also write 2000 word posts with the title “%0 weight loss tips”. Yeah that would do great for giving loads of advice but unfortunately for the people who would read it, it would most probably be nothing more than a good 20 minute read or something.

So weight loss tip for today is, to not to get fat, all you have to do is not to eat processed food. Just that. No calorie counting, no nothing of that sort. Yeah, I know it is becoming increasingly difficult to find foods that are not processed but it is the price you will have to pay if you want to get lean, stay lean and look lean.

Processed food are bad for you health in so many ways other than the amount of calories that these food items have. The treatments they get through are indescribable and I do not think anyone would eat from Fast Food Chains ever if they let you have a glimpse of what they make their food items from and how they make them.

Let us just say that the processes are hideous. Nothing like the nice clean and expensive furniture these multimillion companies have at their outlets.

Natural foods have this certain quality that you cannot over ate them too much. At least that is what I have experienced and I think you would also experience the same. Now the problems comes about recognizing what is natural and what is processed. Well for that you are going to have to read something about foods and its related terms and you will also have to ask a lot of people about more information on food products on the grocery shop that you go to. They will certainly help you a lot in your weight loss efforts.

Processed food are mostly designed in a way to make you feel hungry after a short while and they also make you an addict. Natural foods though are more expensive, make up for their cost in terms of the health they give to your body. So try and introduce natural foods. It doesn’t matter at this stage what they are. Just replace all the junk food you eat or all the frozen fruit yogurts you eat with fresh milk or fruits.

Also, remember that white bread is not natural. Neither are white rice and neither is extra virgin olive oil. I just named you 3 most common ingredients in our diets today that we should definitely think about replacing, preferably with wholegrain bread, no rice and coconut oil (or Ghee) which are better for your health. In the next posts I will try to support the choices that I have listed here with some new research that has been conducted recently.