Do’s And Don’ts Of Weight Loss

It’s not really as simple as a tomato on a fork

In this quick post, the Do’s and Don’ts of weight loss are going to be discussed. For those who are too confused with all the information out there about losing weight and getting fit, this post will set you on the right path hopefully as the internet is filled with information that is not good for your health even though they might actually get you to lose weight.

Losing weight is not the only priority that one should have when it comes to looking good and getting healthy. One should lose weight as safely as possible. Slower and safer weight loss is long lasting and the weight you lose is the weight that has a very slim chance of coming back. In the case of losing weight at an unsafe and fast pace, there is a big chance of regaining the weight that you would lose.

All the different methods of losing weight in a healthy way have been discussed before, right now some DO’s and Don’ts will be mentioned in order to ensure that you remain clear in your mind about how to lose weight no matter which new method comes out next weekend to lose weight fast or slow. Here they are

  • Weigh yourself often. People who succeed at losing weight are not afraid of weighing themselves regularly. How regularly? It all comes down to your own preferences but you must weigh yourself at least twice every month. Some people like to weigh themselves once a week or twice a week. Some like to weight themselves once every day. It all depends on you and what gives you more motivation to continue to work hard in order to lose weight and get fit. Research has shown that people who do weigh themselves often tend to lose weight more efficiently and are able to keep that weight off as well.
  • One other thing that you should be aware of is that if you want to lose weight you do not really have to cut back on all the fat that you can find in your diet. You only need to get rid of saturated fats which are bad for your health. You need to reduce the amount of fat in your diet. But do not completely remove it as research has shown that fats can help you feel fuller after eating and hence you can easily cut down the calories you get from desserts and seconds. And besides, your body does need some form of fat in order to function properly. The best way to do this is to remove butter and processed foods from your diet. Replace them with olive oils, fish, tofu and may be some nuts (be careful, nuts can be loaded with calories so take them in small amounts).
  • One other no brainer for people who want to lose weight is that, you should drink lots of water before your meals. Your every meal. That will help you fill up and will make you eat less. Studies have shown that people who drink water before their meals lose more weight than those who did not drink any water before their meals. There also have been studies where it has been shown that cold chilled water can help you eat a lot less, can increase your metabolism and burn up some fat too. Not to mention that water helps you stay hydrated and when you drink lots of water, your kidney store less of it at any given moment and thus your water weight also reduces.

Do check back later for another post on the DO’s and Don’ts of losing weight and keeping  yourself healthy.

High Protein Diet For Weight Loss? Pros And Cons Part 3


 Let me help you guys with the selection of foods in your high protein diet. When you are thinking about high protein diet, do not just think about red meat and chicken. It amazes me how many people, upon hearing the words high protein diet, never think about fish as being a high protein food. Most of us just revel to the fact that we will get to eat all the steak and chicken we want when he get on a high protein diet (which is not true in any case).

Remember, probably the best form of protein is fish (along with egg protein), chicken and other poultry do pack a lot of protein but if you can tolerate and actually like fish then you will be getting a lot of protein with a lot less fat. Dark meat gives you a lot of fat if you are not careful with your cuts as I discussed in the previous post but with white meat, every cut is a super cut.

To lower the calories that are in fish (which are already a lot less than what you would get for a similar amount of proteins from red and dark meat) you can use the skinless variety. You do not need to eat the skin of the fish which is bursting with saturated fat, which is obviously not good for your health.

Remember, you must also choose your fish wisely. Try to buy fillets but they can be expensive. So buy the fish which is from the sea and is fresh, which would not be possible if you do not live near a sea itself. The only problem I faced while eating fish was that it was difficult to make its smell go away from its meat. You do have to work hard to make is scentless. The easy way is to buy processed one and the hard way (which is the better way) is to do it yourself buy applying lemon on the white meat which you want to cook and eat. That will make its smell go away in about 30 minutes.


High Protein Diet For Weight Loss? Pros And Cons


There is no such thing as a single High Protein diet. High Protein diet comes in many shapes and forms. That obviously means that not all high protein diets are created equal. Each high protein diet has got its own positives and negatives. That is simply nature and this is something the readers need to accept that there is no perfect diet which can cause weight loss. There will always be some benefits of a particular diet and some harms. More often than not, these harms are almost negligible.

As a general rule (there is a general rule for everything and then there is real life which follows no general rule), the best forms of high protein diets are the ones which are low in fat and moderate in carbohydrates (being high in protein goes without saying as that is a preliminary) rather than high  in fats and low in carbohydrates. This combination is of absolute importance as that determines how rapidly you lose weight when and if you get on a high protein diet.

Number one dish for the perfect high protein diet is the good old steak. Nothing represents a good high protein diet than a nice big juicy steak of fresh meat. The key to gaining maximum benefit from a steak is to choose the cuts wisely. Choose the most lean cut available and you can be sure that you are getting the most amounts of proteins for the least amount of fats.

In fact, if you choose your meat with some thought then you can have the same amount of protein for a beef cut as you would have with a skinless (yes skinless) chicken breast with barely more saturated fat. That is awesome if you think a little deep about it as the protein in beef (and mutton) is of much higher quality than chicken.

High Protein Diet For Weight Loss? Pros And Cons Part 2


This is the post where I am going to talk about the actual pros and cons of adopting a high protein diet because by now all of you know what the high protein diet is and what is it used for. In short, in this diet you eat more meat and less carbohydrates and hence lose lots of weight.

High protein diet has the further benefit of curbing your appetite so that you only eat when you need to eat, not when you WANT to eat which is the case with most of the people these days.Which is also the reason why so many people are fat, sluggish and weak these days as we put our bodies under a lot of pressure physically by eating when the body does not require food.

High protein diet is known throughout the world for changing a persons metabolism in many cases. There have been reports where people have reported an increase in their metabolic rate because of their high protein diet. What makes that effect possible is not known precisely yet but I think the explaining I will give to you is going to be satisfactory.

The way our bodies work, when we severely restrict the amount of carbohydrates that we put in our bodies, our bodies try to burn fats (which are our own form of fuel) of our own body in order to satisfy the need for carbohydrates. This puts the body in a mode known as ketosis.

Ketosis is the process through which the body burns and sheds of pounds of weight quickly.As with life, all is not bright sunshine with high protein diet as ketosis has also been related to headaches, nausea, kidney troubles and heart problems. There you go, I just mentioned the first pro and first con of high protein diet.

Rest assured that many people have tried this approach and it has payed off but for little minority (there is a minority in each and everything in life, so nothing out of the ordinary here as well) it causes health problems after this minority loses their required amount of weight.

Keep reading guys because there is lots more to come on high protein diet tomorrow.

High Protein Diet For Weight loss? Pros And Cons

Hmm. That looks delicious

If you want to lose weight and you cannot give up all those steaks and those hot shots, then do not lose hope. There is a weight loss solution for you which will have you losing weight at a rapid pace and you will get to eat all the protein related foods that you want to eat (obviously under a limit).

If your goal is to lose weight only, then this technique can do wonders for you. People have been following this technique for quite some time now and hence a lot of research has been done on this subject. It is not a new thing. I am going to tell you about the pros and cons about starting to lose weight with high protein diet in the next couple of posts.

High protein diet is about having a low carbohydrate diet. It is about compensating your decrease in carbohydrates by an increase in your protein intake. Make sense right?

In this diet, the goal is to lose weight by eating protein packed foods. Which basically means that you would get fewer calories by consuming carbohydrates. High protein diet is no rocket science. High protein diet is basically an increase in the percentage of calories which you derive from proteins.

In a normal diet, you would eat something between 15-20 percent of calories from proteins but in a high protein diet, 30 to 50 percent of your calories will come from proteins.

This was just an introduction , tomorrow I will start with the nuts and bolts of high protein diet pros and cons. In this post I know I did not mention any, but that is only because I want to give you guys some brief notes about high protein diet before having to make you decide to go or not go for it.

Check back tomorrow for the pros and cons of losing weight from a high protein diet.