The Cons Of Elliptical Machines

Bicycling is pretty hard too you know

Lets talk about the cons shall we then:

  • Low impact. Yes, low impact is both a positive and a negative. The only way to truly benefit from this feature is to limit it. Some impact is necessary for bone growth which slows down osteoporosis.Impact should only be enough to not hinder an exercise. Otherwise bone density may be affected.
  • Cannot really be used to improve performance in a specific sport. Sport requires specific trainings of specific types. Like, using treadmill, you can give your lower body a lot of strength which allows you to play soccer or tennis at relatively high levels. I don’t know of any sport where Elliptical training is a part of the routine plan.
  •  Relatively speaking, it does not strengthen the lower body that much. The research that showed that Elliptical gave you an all round workout also showed decreased stimulation in the lower body when compared to someone who had exercised on a treadmill.
  • It is quite rigid. Gives you unnatural movements as compared to just running or skipping. It removes your degrees of freedom like when your running on a track, you have complete freedom. This can disable your bodies ability to stabilize itself when a need arises.

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