Top 5 Cravings And Their Solutions Part 1

You want it?

Of course if you are starting a new diet which means that you would be cutting vast amounts of food from your diet, you will have cravings.

You can have them on a daily basis or once in a while. No matter what the frequency, it is very difficult to control your cravings and if you surrender to your cravings, your diet and weight loss goals are all buy destroyed.

The best way to beat cravings if to look for substitute foods which are low in calorie and fat content. Most of the times, that substitute food is going to be enough to turn off your cravings for a while and that will give you enough time to focus on your diet and get away from the thoughts of craving some certain bad foods.

So without further ado here is the number 1 craving that most people cannot deal with:


Yup. You guessed it. It is ice cream. The diet killer. Most dieters out their have a problem of controlling their craving for ice cream and hence end up destroying their weight loss plans. But would you really blame the unaware dieter? I mean, ice cream tastes good, it is creamy and sweet. When the weather gets hot, it is THE thing that you want. Everyone enjoys ice cream without exception.

But for people who want to lose weight, ice cream is one item which can break all your weight loss efforts as it is high in sugar and fats and that can make you pack on the pounds in no time.

What you can do to avoid this is to try a low sugar yogurt variant, flavor of your choice. Top it off with some berries and maybe some nuts to get the same feeling as you would eating an ice cream. It may not taste or look exactly the same but it is pretty darn close to ice cream and that too for a fraction of the amount of calories contained in ice cream.

And just search out the benefits of eating yogurt, you will be amazed.

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