Truth about Abs

Loosing weight and getting six pack abs is a billion dollar industry. Every year, people in America spend billions on fitness and nutrition products. Let me let you in on a secret. They are all worthless!!!.

If getting ripped and having six pack abs was as simple as buying a pill or buying the next generation ab machine then the supermarkets and streets would be filled with men having ripped washboard abs of death.

But what do we see instead? Obesity. Fat people with no abs.

The simple equation to getting six pack abs is the same as loosing weight and that is, to eat less and exercise more. Eating less does not mean Diet. DIETING in the traditional sense sucks. It is a temporary solution. As soon as you come off a diet, the weight comes back on and most of the time it is more than you had lost.

Dieting involves hunger and deprivation. We do not want that when trying to get six pack abs or trying to loose weight. It is all the same. To get fit or to get six pack abs you have to decrease your body fat. The only way that can be done is if you eat healthy and less food. Exercise more, more specifically, do more cardio.

Weight training also helps but cardio is a must if you want six pack abs. 20 to 30 minutes of Cardio everyday is the bare minimum. Always remember. You cannot buy abs. You have to earn them. Through weight training you will get more muscle. When you will get more muscle your body will require more energy to maintain those muscles.

Before your body gets rid of your muscles it tries to get rid of the fat stored. The more muscle you have, the more easy it is for you to stay ripped and not get fat. All this means is that the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn throughout the day as muscles increase your metabolism.

So put on your shoes and start working out and it should go without saying, start eating healthy foods.

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