Ways To Have A Healthy Family: Way 2

Soup for a low calorie, fullfilling meal

In order to ensure that you do not end up eating junk at any give meal, you have to automate things. Have, go-to food items for every meal so that when you are searching for what to eat, you do not end up picking up the wrong things and put on unwanted weight.

Having some automated food items can also have the benefit of, making you think less when shopping for grocery. For example, you could have some oatmeal with milk along with some walnuts and honey for good taste. Many people eat this sort of a meal whenever they are confused about what to eat or do not want to re invent the wheel everyday.

For lunch I would say you should always be looking for some sort of a soup. Vegetable soup is the best of the lot but any soup with not too much oil would do. You could also try out some of the whole grain sandwiches which are becoming ever so popular these days. Just make sure you do not use too much heavy sauce on it, otherwise there would be no point in eating a whole grain chicken breast or tuna sandwich.

If you want your kids to have PBJ sanwich then put as little jelly as you can. Besides, if you have not made a Jam at home, it is likely to contain only sugar. Lots of sugar. On the other hand, try and replace the jelly with a piece of fruit.

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