Weight Loss Solution 1: Don’t skip meals

Many of us assume that the quickest way to loose weight is to skip meals but it is not that simple and most of the time  it doesn’t work. Now there is some science behind this too. A research shows that when you are hungry you’r brain responds more to high calorie foods (such as doughnuts, high fat cheese, pastries) then low (and healthy) calorie foods like fruits and vegetables. When you skip breakfast, you’re brain tries to compensate your hunger with these fattening foods.

The brain responds far less to low calorie foods like salads etc when it gets hungry and urges you to eat bad foods. If you don’t get hungry, your brain will not send these signals to compensate, which if it does, would be a dieting disaster.

Also when you eat without getting hungry first, you’r brain responds well to low calorie foods and does not crave for foods that are not good for your health. Staying hungry releases a hormone in the body  which sends powerful signals to the brain to fill it up immediately and therefore the brain chooses foods dense in calories and thus you eat more (without control). Our brain has primitive response to hunger and that is to eat high calorie fatty foods.

So you should eat 3 meals a day. 6 meals are recommended if you can control your’r calories but 3 meals is the safer bet as you can control you’r calories easily. Loosing weight is all about cutting those extra calories off and the best way to do that is to eat less. Eating less does not been skipping meals, that as described above always leads to a disaster. Eating less means to have smaller servings in a given eating session.

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