Weight Loss Solution 10: No time for Exercise

In this final post of the series “Weight Loss Solutions” I am going to talk about people who do not have the time to go out and exercise. Or worse, people who cannot even exercise at home. For these people there is a very simple way of getting some exercise in order to loose weight.

By now you SHOULD be comfortable with the fact that to loose weight you need to work hard. Suffer a bit, that suffering can be made easier through different methods. Only after your sufferings (to whatever level) will you reap the reward of a leaner look and hopefully some more muscle.

So, to loose weight you need to EXERCISE MORE and EAT LESS. I keep on stressing on these two points. There is no other way no matter what the TV commercials tell you or what thousands of programs on the internet (which are for the most part useless) tell you.

Though there are some supplements that do help you loose weight and then maintain that weight but you still have to exercise and eat less for the general health of your body.

Research done OVER 50 YEARS!!! has shown that people who eat less than their daily calorific requirement live longer and are generally healtheir than the ones who eat more than their daily calorie needs.

Anyway, for those who cannot go or start exercise anywhere. There is a way, you can try to change your lifestyle a little bit. Walk around the house a bit more. Don’t sit down to chat on the phone keep moving. Try to take the staircase more often whenever you go to a shopping mall or your office.

While travelling, try to limit your use of any means of transport such as trains or a taxi may be. Even if you are taking a train to your office (which may be far away from your home) try to get off the train one stop before your destination just to get that extra bit of exercise.

Try to speed up your walking pace. Walk with some purpose and some goal. Don’t just walk for the sake of reaching a place. I mean do do that but walk with some set goal, like what I do, I time myself whenever I can while walking from place to place.

I measure that, note that and try to walk a bit faster to consume less time the next time I walk to the same place. Pretty handy if you are looking to loose weight but do not have the time to exercise.

One thing, I do not recommend EATING on the move. I have seen people do that in order to save time and get some exercise while eating. That is not good. Whenever you have your food, sit down and eat it without any haste.

Eat it, don’t just gobble it down. Take your time and appreciate the food you are eating. Only then will you gain its benefits to the fullest and will feel satisfied with your meal. Do keep that in mind.

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