Weight loss solution 2: Change Your Plate size

To loose weight you need to eat less and exercise more, this is a fact you cannot escape no matter what the so called gurus tell you. You need to eat less for the rest of your life in order to even maintain weight otherwise, you will follow a path that everybody follows and that is to gain weight as the years go by. There is no avoiding this, our body’s natural tendency is to gain weight along with age.

A simple tip to let anyone eat less without too much effort is to change your plate size from 12 inches to 10 inches and you are likely to eat 20 percent less. This is tip is so simple that anyone can apply it anytime and yet it is so effective.

Various experiments have been done on this and it has been shown that people who use smaller size plates eat less. People with larger plates keep on eating even when they are not hungry. Research shows that having larger plates increases your chances of eating more food even when you are not hunry therefore, you need to use smaller plates in order to loose weight.

Eating less will force your body to adapt to your new habit and thus your stomach will not expand to the level it did before and as a result will demand less food.

You can of course take another serving in your smaller plates, there is no restriction on that but even then you are likely to eat less than you would eat in a larger size plate.

These are some very simple tips which you can incorporate in your eating habits without too much effort and most of all, you can start practicing them right now.

Of course there are many other things which you will need to do simultaneously (along with eating less food) in order to loose weight and then making an effort to keep that weight off for good.I am going to discuss some of those in the next few posts.

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