Weight Loss Solution 3: Count Your Calories

It’s not just about reducing you’r plate size when it comes to weight loss solutions.Every weight loss solution that you have read so far anywhere on the internet or in any book AND any weight loss tip that you will ever read anywhere, is always going to boil down on one single thing. That is, you need to eat fewer calories.

Now, what is a calorie? In it’s simplest terms, Calorie is basically FOOD ENERGY UNIT. Everything you eat gives you a certain amount of calories (Water has zero calories, an exception to this statement) and your weight, your weight loss or your weight gain program, ultimately hinges on this one single thing. CALORIES.

To loose weight, you need to eat less calories and burn more calories (that can be done through exercise, we will come back to that sometime in future though).

You need to know exactly what to put on your plate in order to succeed at eating fewer calories. Even people who are very knowledgeable about calories do not really know how many calories some of our common foods contain. You should always eat foods that are high in volume but low in calores (vegetables, not fruits neccessarily) and avoid foods rich in calories (chocolate, soft drinks and muffins etc).

Chicken is a very good example. It fills you up and has relatively fewer calories. Care should be taken though while it is cooked. Too much sauce or heavy dressing can rocket up the calories you take in your chicken. Foods such as a sandwich (two pieces of bread with mayonnaise on it) are probably a scoff and you would probably feel hungry about an hour later after eating them.

Vegetables are the only class of food which you can eat without limit. The more you eat them, the better it is for you health (try to limit legumes though). One of the common food items is the fruit salad. It is extremely deceiving in terms of the calories it contains. Many people have this illusion that fruit salads are quite low in calories while in fact they are not and almost give you the same amount of calories a chicken meal with broccoli and some potatoes would of the same serving size.

You can eat much more and still loose weight if you understand this thing about calories. In fact, you can easily start loosing weight simply by choosing the low calorie (low fat) versions of all the food items that you eat in a single day. A series of small changes in your daily diet can make a massive difference to your waist line.

If you know which calorie laden foods to avoid (which are basically things like chocolate, fast foods, wheat containing foods, whole milk and cheese), you will be able to eat well without putting on too much weight, in fact, any weight at all.

Again, a simple tip. Instead of eating that chocolate bar, you could eat 2 apples a day which would save you at least 200 calories. Instead of a pastry in your breakfast you could drink low fat milk (500 ml) and save 70 odd calories there. Drink water instead of soda, this would really save you a whole lot of calories. Similarly, in your dinner, use lighter dressing. Try to cut out heavy calorie things such as creams (ice cream too) and deep fried food such as fries and that should help you on your way too loosing weight and keeping it off for the better.

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