Weight Loss solution 6: Eating Soup is better

Proteins are not the only way one can feel fuller for longer. There is another way of feeling full and satisfied between meals and that is to have as much soup as possible, of course taking into consideration the calories that you put in that soup. The soup can be of anything.

It can be the traditional soup (with standard recipes) or you can make you own soup. Let me share with you an example to illustrate this.

I don’t remember exactly but I think I saw this one on a BBC documentary where they had two groups.

Each was fed with the same meal, having the same stuff and the same amount of calories. What was the difference? The first group was given their meal in stand form, like some rice with some vegetables and chicken along with a glass of water.

The second group was (as I said before) was fed with the same meal but their meal was blended with the glass of water and made into a soup with nice thick and uniform consistency. Both the groups ate their food and had their stomachs checked in some sort of s machine that could tell whether the stomach was full or not.

Initially both the group had stomach full of the meal they had eaten. They carried out their normal routine tasks and had a test done them again after two hours. It was found that only after 2 hours, the group which had eaten the food in its solid form had almost an empty stomach.

Whereas the group which had taken their meal in the form of a soup still had pretty much full stomach and did not feel any hunger. It was only after 5 hours that the SOUP GROUP felt any hunger. Thus proving that soup does make you feel satisfied for longer.

The science behind this is simple enough. When you take in your regular meal with water, the food goes into your stomach and temporarily expands it.

After a brief period of time the water drains out of your stomach and it gets shrunk down with only morsels of solid food to digest, which have relatively less volume and thus your stomach sends signals to the brain of being empty and wanting more food.

Whereas when you take in your meal in the form of a thick soup. It stays in your stomach for longer because it does not just drain away like water does because when the food is blended with water to form a thick layer it does not escape your stomach quickly.

Thus soup keeps your stomach filled and expanded for longer, making you feel less hungry. They did not say this on the show but I think it might also help your digestion.

Soup is one of the best kept secrets of dieting and though people might be skeptic about this trick but seriously, if you try this out you would not get the cravings in the mid afternoon that most people suffer from but if you understand the mechanism then it will be easier for you to digest this tip (and your food too, hopefully) thus change your life.

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