Weight Loss Solution 7: Cut your Choice

Too Much Choice in Meals

Too Much Choice in Meals

This is the 7th weight loss solution in 10 part series of simple but effective weight loss solutions and today it’s about choices. No, it’s not about the choices you have to make in your everyday life, well….maybe it is. What the heck. Let’s just get to the point.

Choice is something hard wired into our brains due to some good evolutionary reasons. Our ancestors, as they say, were basically scavengers and relied on eating many types of foods. You know, a bit of this and a bit of that, that sort of a thing.

Now, having variety in your food is good but unfortunately does very little good to you if you are on a diet. Research has shown that you are likely to eat 30 percent more if you have more choices of food to choose from.

Our mind loves choices. Let’s say you go on a buffet, on the mere sight of so many food items, your mind goes crazy and wants a bit of everything. It gets extremely easy to overeat in this scenario.

As I mentioned numerous times on my blog, all weight loss solutions come down to a single thing, EAT FEWER CALORIES!!!. Since a small number of choice, preferably no choice at all, aids you in eating less calories, this is an efficient weight loss solution.

Most of all, it’s a solution that requires no extra effort or thought. In fact, it actually reduces your effort in cooking food by relieving you from preparing multiple food items multiple times a day.

Simply by cutting down on the variety of dishes available at each meal you can save loads of calories and hence lose weight. This might save you some hard earned money as well. Well, at least it saved me quite a bit.

Though, it has to be said, you will have to make your food choices with wisdom, if you are going to put this tip to use. Remember, you must get all the essential nutrients daily. So make wise choices.

On a side note, this tip might actually help you to dig some more nutritional information on the foods you eat and foods you plan to eat.

You will definitely become more knowledgeable about food items if anything else doesn’t work.

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