Weight Loss Solution 8: More Low Fat Milk, More Fat Loss

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As you might have noticed so far, I have been sticking to the science in my previous posts about weight loss solutions. So despite dairy products being the first food item that people give up when on a diet, I am going to put forward another (in contrast to the norm) notion.

And that is, that dairy products like milk and yogurt (add to that cheese too) might help you loose more fat. The primary reason people forsake the dairy products is because of their fat content but new research has shown something else which is quite the opposite.

When you drink milk or consume any dairy product, it goes into your stomach and the calcium in it,binds to the fat molecules of food that is in there to form a soap like substance which our bodies cannot absorb. So what happens? That soap like substance passes straights through your body and gets excreted out.

Thus, instead of fat that comes from your food ending up on your hips and belly, it gets excreted out in your feces.

An experiment was conducted in which the volunteer was asked to eat normal food for one week (that is food low in dairy calcium) and then have a diet high in dairy calcium the next week. Both the diets had exactly the same amount of calories in them.

They also had the same amount of fat in both the diets and the volunteer was asked to collect his feces samples for further studying.

The results showed that when the volunteer was on a high dairy diet, the feces had almost double the amount of fat in it per 100 grams when compared to the feces sample which was taken when the volunteer was on a low dairy calcium diet.

I Love Milk

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Thus proving the theory that dairy products such as low fat milk, cheese and yogurt helps your body to absorb less fat from your food and it can add up to a lot of fat not gettingon your body if you consider a high calcium diet for a long period of time.

You can have as much as 2 kilograms of fat not being put on your body if you get on a high dairy calcium diet for just a year (long time?). Quite handy if you are on diet huh?

I know that cheese has a bad reputation. People see it as something bad for you and that it kind of makes you fat, but as I explained above research has shown otherwise. So if you are a cheese fanatic then fear not, cheese TO THE RESCUE!!. It actually is not bad for you health, not at all.

Things like skimmed milk and cottage cheese help you, not kill your weight loss efforts.

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