Weight Loss Solution 9: Exercise burns Fat

So what about obvious weight loss solutions like exercise?

There is some new research that shows how you can continue to burn fat even when you are sleep after doing rigorous exercise.

Doing moderate exercise is an extremely good way of loosing weight but a lot of people are cynical about this claim but the fact is, the only way you can loose weight is through exercise and diet control. Both go together.

I usually go about it in a different way. I use my diet control to maintain my weight and exercise to loose weight. This strategy has worked for me so far and I recommend you to adapt this attitude to exercise.

After you have lost your desired weight don’t leave exercise, this is a mistake that a lot of people make. To make it easier for you, choose some activity that you like or are passionate about. Some sports may be?

When I do not want to exercise as in going outside specifically to do running or brisk walking . I go outside to play football with friends, in the park or even play alone by running with the ball doing simple dribbles, which helps me keep fit and healthy.

It is true that the amount of fat you burn during exercise is not much but there is a thing called AFTER BURN. Your body keeps on burning fat because of exercise after the exercise session not during the exercise session and that too at a higher rate, even the day after the exercise.

Our body uses different types of fuel to energize itself. Carbohydrates and fat. When you exercise, your body burns the carbohydrates in your body because they are easier for the body to burn.

Your storage of carbohydrates are mostly used up when you exercise and it takes about 24 hours for your body to replace them.

Meanwhile, your body is forced to burn  fat to keep you going. Talking, walking and even sleeping which is I feel great news for anyone who wants to loose weight through exercise.

The main benefit is that you burn fat during exercise and keep on burning the day after the exercise.

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