Weight Loss Solutions concerning Spot Fat removal and Ideal Weight

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People have some really weird ideas about fat removal as well. Most people who are fat, have more amount of fat in locations such as the hips, the backside and the belly. These are the areas that the body looks for when it wants to store fat. When you store fat, you gain weight and get unhealthy.

It strikes me that people only want to loose weight so that they can have a flat belly and proportionate hips which is not the best way to begin your weight loss efforts. You should loose weight in order to make yourself healthy and more energetic.

Whenever your body loses wait, it decided for itself from where the fat must be removed. It does work like, ok first the belly then the hips. You get thinner when you loose weight in the sense that you loose weight, your muscles tighten and your overall body gets leaner and thinner.

If you ask me, you would really ugly if you do manage to get spot fat removal done on yourself. People who are lean look good because their bodies are proportionate. If you only loose weight from the hips and the belly, you would still have a little bit of double chin (as they call it), fat on your chest and on your thighs.

Plus, your heart would not be in its ideal condition. No amount of gym work, cream or other products can help you loose fat from specific areas. It is a natural process where the body removes the fat from the reserves from places which it deems best.

What is your ideal weight?

Another important topic that any weight loss dieter should be aware about and good weight loss solutions are always crystal clear about how much weight you want to loose. You cannot look like celebrities, for one. They are far too thin. That is there job requirement.

Thats what they live their life for. They have to be extra thin to look good on TV. According to some researches, it has been observed that you look 20 percent more fat in pictures than you actually are. Even then these celebrities look thin on TV.

To get into the kind of shape these people get into. They have to follow some outrageous diets like a freak. That is why most of them may have great bodies, but have wrinkles on their face and are generally weak because they eat so less and eat so unnaturally (like becoming a veg and things like that).

So don’t have celebs as your role model when trying to loose weight. Everybody has their own ideal weight and you can easily know yours if you search for weight loss charts on google. You will get a lot of helpful information on this topic.

What most weight loss solutions fail to address is, how much weight you should loose. Or more specifically, how much fat you must loose. As a general (and uncomplicated guideline), if your body fat percentage (more on this later) is not in double figures then you are super super fit.

Generally, it should be around 15-20 percent. I will talk about fat percentage and how can you follow an exercise routine that specifically reduces body fat percentage in the upcoming posts.

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