How exactly do you gain weight?

We have talked a lot about how one is supposed to loose weight. There are literally thousands of ways to loose weight. You can try as many as you want until you find a way which suits you the best. Let’s come to the darker side of the moon and take a look at how exactly does our body gain weight.

You can’t treat a disease if you do not know it workings. So how does your body gain weight? I explained in the previous posts a thing called CALORIES. Well, if you thought calories was THE thing when it comes to weight loss then guess what, it is THE thing when it comes to weight gain as well.

Lets just say, you eat food and you get energy from it. This is something which should not be hard to digest. Moving ahead, if that energy (which you got from eating your food, any food or drink except water) goes unused, meaning you eat and you sit to watch TV. Then you get up again eat a little more and then sit down again for some more TV, then your body converts that EXCESS energy into fat and this is exactly how and why you gain weight.

Your calorie intake must never ever exceed your calories burnt throughout the day. Millions of people spend billions each year in order to loose weight and look good. Whereas the process is as simple as this. You burn more calories than you eat. I repeat this many times in order to encourage my readers to understand how exactly to loose weight. All this process requires is a tremendous amount of belief in what you do, will power and self discipline. If you are willing to take the pain then you are on your way, though it will be hard for you without any help.

All the tips and tricks out there are only to facilitate you in this process, to provide you with as easy weight loss solutions as possible. The process itself remains the same and as I mentioned above, is relatively simple. Remember, it is SIMPLE not EASY. There is a difference between a process being simple and a process being easy. Simple means that the road to that process or goal, can be hard but it is nothing that you cannot understand or know how to get through that HARDNESS whereas being easy means that it would take a relatively little amount of effort and pain to achieve that goal.

So there you go. Loosing weight requires a change of lifestyle not just habits for a couple of months. Any program which tells you otherwise is plain old lying to you and is probably a rip off. You will loose weight but then will gain it back and you can even gain back more than what you lost if you blindly follow some of the ridiculous weight loss solutions out there on the internet. The only weight loss solution amongst many weight loss solutions for loosing weight permanently, is to change your lifestyle PERMANENTLY.

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