Weight Loss Solutions to make you feel good

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Weight loss is not all about avoiding the bad foods. That is a bit too strict for most people as it leads to deprivation and then to binging. So what do you do?

You take a standard weight loss solution from hundreds of other weight loss solutions and tinker with it until you make up a weight loss solution that fits your lifestyle and your habits.

Like, if your favorite food is a chocolate and you know that the first thing you would read in any weight loss solutions article is to avoid chocolate. What do you do is that, you eat chocolate but in small quantities.

If you follow a weight loss solution that forbids chocolate. More often than not, you would be eating chocolate more than you ever wanted to ate. Deprivation leads to binging, again.

So have a little room in your diet plans. You can have your chocolate or the pie but you must have them in small quantities and on specific days.

There is no point in following any weight loss solution if you cannot follow it for a certain period of time. Therefore, have all your favorite foods. Enjoy them but do not indulge in them.

That is how you get to the ultimate weight loss solution, where you eat everything you want to eat but in reasonable amounts.

Just a pointer. Now that you know this, do not go off and eat chocolate everyday in a bid to tinker with your weight loss solution. You should have your “FORBIDDEN FOODS” in “SMALL QUANTITIES” on a max 2 or 3 days a week.

There is no need to follow your diet like a Zombie

If you are feeling like taking a break. Take a break. As I said before, weight loss solutions is all about customizing each and ideally, every weight loss solution according to your own needs (some WANTS too).

You can have a night out with friends but try not to eat fatty things or sweets. Try to replace them with fruits and limit these night type of night to, again, 1 or 2 per week. This way you would feel fulfilled and not deprived of anything which would prove to be a huge psychological boost.

You will have less chances of binging (which is the single reason why people actually gain weight instead of loosing when they adapt to a certain weight loss solution without tinkering with it).

In the end, don’t get worried if you have the will power of not having any CHEAT DAYS. It is ok if you can live without your FORBIDDEN FRUITS but be careful. It is better to have these things in small quantities in your diet, otherwise you run the risk of wasting all your effort.

There you go, another weight loss solution says that “Slow but steady, always wins the race”.

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