Weight Loss Tips: Food Value and Deprivation

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Food value is something which a lot of people who want to loose weight do not give appropriate attention to. Most of the people want to shed weight only by eating less or exercising more.

They do not want to get into the details of how to eat healthy food. They just control their calorie intake and loose weight. Whether it be by eating fast food, processed food or the good old home cooked or raw fresh food.

But let me tell you that food value (that is the type of food you eat eg proteins, carbohydrates and fat) is as important to weight loss as eating less. There is no benefit in loosing weight and getting week. You ideally want to loose weight, get stronger and more healthy.

Most of the healthy diets recommend eating low fat, solid and protein rich food. There is a good reason behind this. Proteins require a lot of energy from your body to get digested. So it basically makes your body burn more calories in trying to absorb and process the food inside the body.

Foods rich in carbohydrates and fats, do not require that much energy from your body to get digested. When a food requires a lot of energy to get digested, your body raises your metabolism (as it burns more calories). Eating carbohydrates or refined carbohydrates or fats, does not increase your metabolism. So you don’t burn off more calories than normal after eating your meal.

If you incorporate more protein into your diet, you will get stronger and will burn more calories. Another example can be taken for an apple. An apple is far more beneficial when eating raw and fresh rather than in juice form, as solids require your body to first break it down and then process it. Liquid form is already in a semi processed state.

That is also the reason why dieters are now a days recommended to give up juices and all sorts of beverages (include milk too) when loosing weight.


This is another concept that most dieters have a lot of confusion about. You do not need to kill yourself in order to loose weight. You do not need to go without food for days in order to loose weight. You do not need to NOT EAT MEAT for the whole year in oder to loose weight and keep that weight off.

Most of the food diets today now tell you to eat normally. 3 or 5 meals a day (but with lesser quantity). You need to increase the quality of your food and decrease the quantity of your meals. You need to eat often (contrary to popular belief) but eat in smaller portions.

Many nutritionists now believe that the single most important thing to loosing weight is to control your portions. You should not eat lots of food in one sitting because that puts your body under immense strain.

Eating in smaller quantities and eating more regularly allows your body to maintain your sugar levels easily which means that you will have less chance of developing a diabetes and other related diseases.

New research has shown that the increased use of refined carbohydrates and larger meal portions have lead to more people developing diabetes and obesity. These two  diseases lone lead to many other diseases.

You need to eat little, eat often and whenever you eat, enjoy and savor the moment. That way your body will absorb the nutrients from you food better too.

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