What is Bingeing?

I think I have dealt with the issue of bingeing before, but lets just give it some more detail. So what is bingeing? Bingeing is a eating disorder even if you do not throw your food out afterwards.

People who binge have many excuses for it and sometimes have solutions for eat after they have had their binge. Something like, “I will exercise more after I binge” which is completely unreasonable as the amount of calories that you are expected to eat while bingeing far exceeds the amount of calories you will burn while exercising. There is no match.

But this is something that most people know so what do they do after they have binged? They do nothing. They just sit, thinking that all is lost and now no amount of exercise or diet will help them so they might as well eat some more and lie of the couch and watch some TV.

Some people binge after they have lost the amount of the weight they wanted to loose. For example, you work hard for 3 months and loose 10 kgs. You get excited and start to eat whatever you want for weeks after (Just like Opera) thus gaining massive amounts of weight.

Ofcourse there are remedies for this and the easiest of them all to put into practice is the art of self talk. Yes, it is no joke and certainly not a crutch. It is an extremely helpful (actually a success tool) tool which can restrain you from bingeing.

Even world class athletes and many scientists use self talk to give themselves that extra boost of energy and motivation to achieve something big, in your case, that something big is loosing weight and then keeping it off.

One thing before I mention some interesting self talk that people have with themselves just before they are about to go on a binge. Stop blaming your genes or your metabolism for your failure to loose weight. You need to reject this stupid notion.

Start doubting yourself about everything you eat and everything someones else tells you to eat. Make your own judgement by listening to your body, the signals it gives you after eating certain kinds of food.

Have this goal of eating sensibly. You should be able to talk yourself down from the ledge of bingeing. Ok, so the four most common and yet stupid statements which people use as an excuse to binge are:

  • “This food is so delicious, I think I deserve to eat it in any amount I want”. You can eat your favorite food but now in any amount you want. Infact, you cannot or should not eat any food in any amount you want. It should be in small portions. The best tool to weight loss is also portion size control but most people have a hard time dealing with it.
  • “I have lost two pounds, now I can celebrate with some good old food”. No. If you have lost pounds then that is that. What you eat today affects you today and what you eat tomorrow affects you tomorrow. All you are doing by telling yourself this, is reversing the benefits you gained previously from controlling your diet. You just have to keep on going.
  • “My metabolism is fat, I can easily loose weight. I can start again tomorrow”. There is no tomorrow. You have got to start doing it right now and keep going.

It is a process of changing your thinking. Replacing your old thoughts with new ones. Start doing them from today.

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