What is food?

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Food is addictive. Just like nicotine and Alcohol but unlike alcohol or nicotine, it is essential. We need food to survive. However, as we all know, excess of anything is bad, therefore excess of food is bad. Really bad. So bad, most of the population is always trying to fight over eating all its life.

Most people do not understand the addictive properties of food and hence concentrate on the traditional diets and stuff. I have met very few people who do not know what to eat when you want to loose weight and keep it off. Everyone of us knows to eat fruits, vegetables and lean meats.

To stay away from fried foods and in general all fast foods. We all know what. What most people do not know is that WHY we need to eat. When you understand this simple question, only then will you be able to survive your diet and have a successful weight loss solution at your hand.

Since the time we are born to the time we die. Think about the associations you have with food. Throughout our lives, whenever we feel sad or bored, we search for food.

When we eat it, we feel stuffed and good. Whenever parents go out, you are more than happy to see them back if they bring something for you to eat.

Whenever you meet a relative on an occasion, food is something that is always part of the preceding. Food is more closely related to our lives then we think. It is not just something that we put in our mouth and then move on with our routines.

Every major event or celebrations involves food. Birthday’s involve food, weddings involve food and whenever you get high grades in school, your parents involve food by throwing in one of those parties. In fact, now a days even funerals are not complete with food.

And did I miss the ones on Graduations and millions of more events. Everything, has food in it. Imagine a birthday party with no food. Wouldn’t you feel sad?

This is exactly the reason why most people fail their diet. When they are told that they are going to have to give up something which has given them happiness, has been a part of their happiness everywhere all their lives. Whenever doctors tell you to give up unhealthy food and exercise more, we all think that is a nice idea.

Who does not want to loose weight and keep fit. But there is an inner voice as well. That tells us that while this sounds great, exercise and eat healthy but it ain’t gonna happen as it requires too much sacrifice and control. For most people, when they go on a diet, this is the starting point of their road to failure.

Food commands so much respect in so many different scenarios,from us in our lives that we start thinking, party time means food time. In fact, another interesting thing you might notice in a lot of people is that, they seek for their favorite or forbidden food when trying to escape from their stressful daily lives.

So it is super important that you understand the importance of food in your life and treat it accordingly. Change this idea that food is for your happiness and escape from your sorrows. Change the idea that party time means food time.

On the contrary, many athletes I have read about take exercise as an escape from all the days stresses that they have to deal with. Many marathon runners admit the fact that running sets them free and they actually feel good after their work.

With this in mind. Think of food as something you need to survive not as something you necessarily need to enjoy.

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