What Is Your Best Weight


Your best weight is the one at which you feel great. It sounds nice and is the new talk of the town these days but what the heck does it mean? Does it mean the lowest weight that you can possibly trim down to and has it got anything to do with your waistline.

All of us like to have a perfect weight. You know, the weight where you feel you would look like Brad Pitt or Ryan Reynolds. Its a specific number right? Wrong. You perfect weight or lets say , you happy weight is the weight your body naturally tends to go to when you are on a balanced diet.

It is the weight your body likes to have. It optimizes itself on that weight, you do not have to workout or talk about calories all the time at your happy weight. Well, I will tell you one thing right now and that is, there is no one happy weight for all.

It is different for everyone. Everyone has got a different body and different metabolisms, these basically determine, your body’s go-to weight when you get off a diet and start leading a normal life with little bit exercise and little bit junk food. Obviously, a lot of junk food will just make you an outright obese person.

I think, the best way to find your happy weight is to not obsess about any specific number. That is something I did when I lost a lot of weight.I obsessed about numbers. I wanted to get to a specific number on the scale but now when I look back at those times, seeing a particular number did not necessarily made me feel happy, it just made me feel ok. Satisfied with my work.

But there was a constant tension, I was always thinking about my weight and the numbers on the scale. Now I have found out that a happy weight has got many aspects to it along with the scale reading. It is the weight where you feel good about yourself, inside and outside.

It is the weight where you do not think about your weight anymore. You do not try to count the calories in every meal, you do indulge in minor treats sometimes and do not follow a strict exercise routine. It is the weight where you do not think twice about wearing your favorite shirt. You do not think about the fittings.

Happy weight is the point where you do not look at how large your belly is or isn’t. When you stop thinking about your thighs. That is your happy weight. Happy weight, is the point when controlling weight does not dictate your activities throughout the day.

At your happy weight you will be able to experience life and enjoy the stuff that comes with it without pain. You would not feel burdened about your exercise program, rather you would choose workouts that would fascinate you. You would start to enjoy your workouts instead of just hitting the treadmill 7 days a week. At this weight, you basically stop over thinking about your meals.

There is no one formula to find out your happy weight because it is different for everyone.  Most people can come pretty close to their happy weight when they start eating  good healthy wholesome food 75 percent of the time and the rest 25 percent, they eat what they love. Junk food that is.

At your happy weight you would be eating healthy meals most of the time but you would not turn down a chocolate if you get a chance to have one. You must know that if you are stressing about how much you have eaten, what you have eaten and how much have you got to exercise each day then you are not at your happy weight.

At your happy weight you would feel happy, would eat healthy and would also feel energized. You would not have to stress about your health.


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