When Do You Stop Losing Weight

When is it when you start gaining weight

You want to lose weight right? Yes. We all want to lose some weight whether we are fat or not. In fact, some researches show that losingĀ  just 10 percent of you body weight may not be a bad idea at all and would definitely help you get even fitter if you do so. Obviously that does not go for people who are borderline under weight or even borderline good weight.

Lets do an exercise then. Don’t worry, it does not involve any physical activity. Well it does to some extent. What I want you to do is to close your eyes and imagine, for a minute, the moments that make you fat.

You know, the moments where you eat a lot without thinking too much about the quality and quantity of food that you are eating.

Think about them and I think you will see them very clearly. Like a big hamburger with extra cheese sitting right next to you. Think about the times when you have been disciplined all day long and suddenly your friends show up and you all decide to go to a buffet for dinner.

Or may be you have just worked out a lot and suddenly decide to go a cocktail party at friends where they have the most killer desserts ever.

Point I want to make here is that, you should never ever rely on your will power alone to get through these tough moments. Will power is not an infinite ability. It runs out at some point or another. To get through these fattening situations, you to plan ahead and make strategies accordingly in order to come out of them unscathed.

You have to think about what you can do to outwit these situations where you just have to eat and have no other choice but to join your friends and enjoy the party.

For that you must realize the situations before hand in order to identify them as danger places:

The first place where this kind of a situation may arise is when you are on vacation. You know, you are on holidays, you want to relax and enjoy food. But you also want to be careful so that you do not have to shed pounds when you get back home.

The advice most people would give you, is that you stay strong and try not to go out with your friends on such holidays. I say, you go for it. You go out on holidays with your friends and enjoy the food. But the thing that you must do is share your food. Sharing is caring. When you share your food, you will get filled up good and will trick your mind into eating a lot less than what you would have had you been eating alone.

Trust me, this works. Just share your food whenever you are on a holiday with your friends or family.

Another problem arises at parties with friends. The problem there is that, there is food, it looks delicious, it is free and nobody is stopping you from eating it all.

The solution to this situation is again, do not be hungry when you arrive at the party. Eat something light from home. Half a cup of low fat cottage cheese would do nicely. Also, if you are one of those people who drink. You might want to stay away from alcohol because it is difficult to control yourself when you are sober, it might be even more difficult to control what you eat when you are say “DRUNK”.

Then there is the problem which many people have of eating loads of high fat food when they are watching tv.

The solution to this problem is that you should have a small bowl. And eat lots of vegetables with yogurt based dip or eat frozen grapes. That would fill you up real good.

The biggest problem people face is on buffets where there are loads of foods with giant portion sizes and eating less or more would have no effect on the amount of bill that you pay. Buffets offer you limitless foods with tons of calories and it is hard to push that plate away when there is that much variety of food lying in front of you waiting for you to eat it.

The solution to this situation is here is sadly the old one. Do not go to buffet restaurants. But if you just have to go to buffets when then make sure that you fill yourself up with vegetables, fruits and lean proteins before you go onto the bad stuff and hopefully you would eat less of that.

As for desserts. Ask everyone to have one piece of whatever the restaurant is serving and again share it with your friends so that you can have a taste of everything but in small amounts.

Sit at a place which makes you look away from where the food tables are. Research has suggested that people tend to eatĀ  less when they cannot see the food tables at buffets.

For restaurants with huge portion sizes. Ask them to pack half your food and serve the other half on a plate to you. That way you could save a lot of calories. The trick here is to ask them to pack half your food before they serve it to you and not the other (rather conventional) way around.

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