Why Can’t We Control Part 3

Do you Really want these when you are hungry

So how do you stop this vicious cycle of emotional eating and then feeling hungry. Well, first you must recognize that you have hunger. Is it real or fake.

Ask yourself. Is there some food that you are craving? If yes, then know that the hunger you are feeling are not physical hunger, rather it is just your emotions trying to control you.

Ask yourself if a simple glass of water will get you rid of your thirst. If the answer is yes then the hunger you are feeling is physical hunger.

The 2nd thing that you need to do in order to tackle this problem of emotional eating is to keep a food diary. And no I am not going to ask you to count each and every calorie that you intake. What I want you to do is to mark down everything you eat and the feeling that you get after eating that food.

This will enable you to know which food combinations you crave when you are trying to eat emotionally and thus will help you to get better.

Your next job is to replace these foods which are associated with your feelings. For example if you eat a lot of chocolate when satisfying an emotional craving then replace it with a fruit or lots of vegetables. Make a list of activities that you enjoy and mark them on a piece of paper. Pin it with your fridge and carry the list in your bag too. Whenever you get a craving look at that list. What is on that list? The things that you enjoy doing.

Finally, if you just cannot control the craving then have the food you want. But do not eat till you feel like you cannot eat anymore. Take a very small amount of the food that you are cravings (mostly it will be some sort of a bread or some other junk food). If you like chocolates then have 1 serving of chocolate when you just cannot control your urge to eat it.

One other way you can control your desires to eat emotionally is to do something else for 10 minutes when you get any sort of craving. Take a walk, play some football or anything. You might just forget about eating emotionally if you do something else for a while.

We are not done yet. More posts on this tomorrow.

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