Why Can’t We Control

Some people just cannot control themselves

A lot of people complain about not being able to control what or how much they eat. We are going to focus on the HOW part in this post. People tend to have their weakness foods as I like to call them. They can control themselves and can restrict there diet to appreciable levels but when they see their weakness food, they just cannot control.

Why do we eat the way we eat and the amount that we eat, why can’t we control ourselves much more than we presently can?

People find it hard to answer these questions. The main culprit is again the weakness food. People find it hard to give up their weakness food when they go on a diet. They will be able to stay away from every kind of bad food except their weakness food. People also complain about being hungry all the time.

It is amazing to note that these so called weakness foods are never in the category of vegetables, fruits or something healthy. It is always related to fast food, takeaways and sweets which we know are all bad for our well being, not just health.

Studying about a weight loss solution and then accepting it as a weight loss solution for yourself generally means that you have to restrict your diet a bit. Exercise a bit more. Stay away from sugars, sweets, junk food and takeaways. Generally you have to eat less and exercise more. You consumption of food usually goes down when you diet in order to lose some unwanted weight.

But how do you control the desire for those weakness foods? Apparently that is the hardest part for most people. In order to have any chance of being successful at that, you must know how your body works. How hunger works. Only then will you be able to control this hunger.

The main reason for people to eat a lot of some specific food is that most people EAT TILL THEY ARE HAPPY.

The old meaning of hunger would be something along the lines of, when your body needs fuel to get some energy. However, this does not apply well to today’s humans. We live a lot and we earn a lot. Because of that, we eat a lot too. Hunger is now much more complicated than just being physically hunger, as in not having any food in the stomach kind of hungry.

For example, you must have heard about the term EMOTIONAL EATING. This happens when on the outside you feel like you are hungry but in reality the only reason you want to eat or feel HUNGRY is because of your emotions. Either you are too happy or too sad. Whatever the case, in this case your body is not necessarily hungry but your emotions are and that is why you eat.

When we are sad, we eat to comfort ourselves. When we are happy, we tend to try to sustain that feeling by eating and eating a lot. Without any thought or control. Usually, people go out to eat food when they want to feel secured about themselves. That is one form of emotional eating.

Have you ever heard of people who say something like “Today has been a magnificent day, lets go out, eat and celebrate”. Of course, each one of us has done that one time or another. That is also a form of emotional eating.

Though I am not saying you do not celebrate at all, but if you want to celebrate then celebrate with control or with something else, not food. A movie would be a good idea then eating truck loads of food.

So this is one of the ways people cannot control their eating habits, it is because they cannot control their emotions, hence they eat to satisfy their emotions, not their hunger.

More to follow up this post, tomorrow. Till then, think about if you eat with your emotions or with your hunger. Even if you do eat when you have hunger, do you keep on eating till your hunger ends or you keep on eating till your emotions because of your hunger end? Very important ti realize the difference.


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