Why We Can’t Control Part 5

Stay away from this if you want to lose any weight

What you need to do in order to eat less and control yourself is to learn how to eat food. Yes, we all learn. We learn a lot of things and believe it or not, the kind of foods that we eat is also through the learning that we do throughout our lives when we associate certain kinds of foods with certain kinds of emotions.

We learn to eat more and we also learn to eat bad foods. Similarly, we can also learn to eat less food and eat healthy food when we are hungry. Though it is difficult to program yourself that way in a week or so, but given time, you will come to realize that once you learn to control your behavior towards food, you can easily eat less and stay healthy.

Research has shown that infants who get fed more and more likely to eat more and weigh more when they grow up to be teenagers than those infants who are fed less.

So it is possible that you crave more food because you have been fed a lot since your childhood. Can you break this habit of eating more food? Surely yes but it will take a decent amount of work. Which is not hard. It is not easy either, but it is simple.

Remember, your body is capable of learning and re learning time and time again through your effort so it is not beyond possibility that you teach your body to eat less than what you are feeding it right now. Just stay calm and focused. Two words a dieter cannot live without.

Teach your body to survive on less and after a while you would not even feel like eating less than before because our bodies are so good at adapting.




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